We'll deliver your firewood direct to your door. Contact us to for delivery information in your area.

High-Quality Firewood

We specialise in producing and supplying high-quality, green (freshly cut down) and dry firewood. Bulk firewood are available.

Competitive Prices

Pine, gum, and macrocarpa firewood is available, with competitive prices guaranteed throughout the year.

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Firewood in Foxton

At Hutt Valley Firewood, we are your best choice for high-quality firewood in the Foxton area. We also supply our top-grade firewood to other locations in Wellington, although delivery charges may apply. Get in touch for more information.

We pride ourselves on the quality of firewood that we produce, ensuring it stays dry, so you have access to the best firewood at all times of the year. Our ordering process is straightforward, and we’ll deliver to your home as quickly as possible. Bulk firewood are available, at competitive prices.

Quality Guaranteed

The Firewood that We Supply

The firewood that we supply in Foxton, and the wider Wellington area includes pine, gum, and macrocarpa. Other species are sometimes available too.

Contact us for availability information.

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Experts For Tree Services In Foxton

At Hutt Valley Firewood, we are highly experienced in the management and removal of trees. Therefore, we can provide a range of tree services primarily in Foxton, although we can help if you are in Wellington too.

Our main area of specialty is tree removal services, and we have extensive knowledge of all tree species that are common in the Wellington area. We also have the equipment that is required to effectively and safely remove trees from your property. This equipment includes an excavator with wood handling attachment, tipper truck, chainsaws, mulchers, and log splitters.

We can remove one tree from your property, several trees, or we can clear small lots or forests. Our services are flexible, and the quality of our workmanship is exceptional.

Plus, when you hire us, you’ll get a competitive and honest quote, with no surprises. Get in touch today to find out more about our tree removal services in Foxton and elsewhere in Wellington. We’ll give you the information that you need, and we can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

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Keeping Your Home Warm and Cosy with High-Quality Firewood

We work hard at Hutt Valley Firewood to ensure you have the firewood you need whenever you need it. We produce and store our own firewood to ensure our quality standards are maintained. One of our priorities is to make sure the firewood we supply is dry when it is delivered to your home.
We can supply firewood in bulk. Plus, ordering from us couldn’t be simpler. You have two main options:

Call us on 021 127 9955

Send us an email or complete our contact form

We’ll process your order quickly, and we deliver fast too. Delivery is free if you are in the Foxton area. Delivery is also available outside this area, although a small delivery charge will apply.

When you buy your firewood from us, you can expect quality wood that is ready for your fire, and you can expect competitive prices.

Plus, you can order from us whenever you need to. We have high-quality firewood ready for delivery to your home 12 months of the year. Get in touch today to place your order or if you have a query.